Larks Head Knot

Tying the Larks Head Knot

The Larks Head Knot is the ideal knot for kite flying as well as being one of the easiest to master.  It is a simple a slipknot which tightens as you pull against the flying kite, and, as soon as the kite has landed and the tension is released it is relatively easy to pull loose and undo. The diagram below shows how easy it is to tie the Larks Head knot.                 Step 1 Take one of your lines, if it is not pre-sleeved or does not have a loop on the end, tie a loop using a simple knot, but make sure the loop is at least 10cm in length.  Once this has been done you are ready to form the larks head Step 2 Fold the loop back on itself so that you can then hold the loop in one … Continue reading

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Getting started with your Astrojax

Astrojax tricks Vertical Orbits Start position

When getting started with your Astrojax the first thing to master is Vertical Orbits. To manage a vertical orbit you need to hold both endballs in one hand with the middle ball hanging down. Let go of one end ball and move the hand holding the other end ball up and down trying to keep a soft movement. The end ball will move in vertical circles.If the middle ball keeps slipping down you need to use a bit more force in your movements. Keep practising and once you have mastered the movement you can progress on to Horizontal Orbits. To start this movement you should have one end ball in each hand and start to swing the middle ball round in vertical circles. Turn you hands so that the middle ball is swinging horizontally.  Let go of the bottom ball and move the hand holding the endball in small circles to … Continue reading

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Kite Flying Helps to Overcome Depression

Kite flying can help to alleviate the symptoms of depression.  Believe it or not, kite flying has been shown to be one of the best ways to relieve the pressure of a stressful life. Recent research and expert opinion states that it is practically impossible to look up into the sky and still feel depressed.   Kite flying gets you outside and forces you to look up.  If suffering from depression a person can find it difficult to look up and consequently can find it tricky to fly a kite! Have you ever noticed how a person suffering from depression walks? They are constantly looking down with their shoulders hunched.  Their pace is often slow and their demeanor and body language are weak and negative.   When you fly kites you have to look up, operate the kite and pull  the string with the appropriate amount of pressure and awareness.  The system … Continue reading

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The Mental Elf

Stunt Kite

Welcome to The Mental Elf News pages this is where you will be able to keep up with the latest news from the beach, reviews of some of the latest kites and toys and everything that is happening at The Mental Elf.  

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