Kite Flying Helps to Overcome Depression

Kite flying can help to alleviate the symptoms of depression.  Believe it or not, kite flying has been shown to be one of the best ways to relieve the pressure of a stressful life.

Recent research and expert opinion states that it is practically impossible to look up into the sky and still feel depressed.   Kite flying gets you outside and forces you to look up.  If suffering from depression a person can find it difficult to look up and consequently can find it tricky to fly a kite!

Have you ever noticed how a person suffering from depression walks? They are constantly looking down with their shoulders hunched.  Their pace is often slow and their demeanor and body language are weak and negative.   When you fly kites you have to look up, operate the kite and pull  the string with the appropriate amount of pressure and awareness.  The system language of a kite flyer is precisely the opposite of a depressed person.

Our body can be used in such a way that it could ‘get one over’ on our mind.  Our brain doesn’t know the distinction in between actual or fake movements. When we fake a smile, the very same hormones are released that would be released when we genuinely smile, similarly when we look up, the brain understands it to be a positive movement and all the feelings connected with positivity may be felt in our system.

You can’t be sad and frustrated and run around and fly kites simultaneously. So the next time you might be feeling down and depressed, grab a kite and spend a couple of hours flying it.

If all else fails just picture a lovely brightly coloured  kite flying in the air and going up, above the tallest trees.  Close your eyes and visualize it in the finest high definition detail.  Picture the colour, the shape, the material, the touch.  Go into as much detail as you are able to and picture your kite  soaring as high as it can.  Now imagine yourself chasing it, saving it from other predatory kites and sharp surfaces.  Open your eyes and try and search for that imaginary kite.

Look up into the sky and I am sure you will discover something to smile about.

Flying a kite may very well be the ultimate carefree pastime.  That makes it the perfect activity  for health promotion.

Many people see getting healthier as a chore or a major feat of self-control.

Kite flying allows you to become more healthy whilst enjoying the task of overcoming the wear and tear of everyday life.. What good are a sound mind and strong body without a spirit of enjoyment and an overwhelming sense of fun.

Kite flying is the very definition of sheer fun. Who could possibly need any more than that.

It is a great way to spend quality time with friends or family and it gets you out into open spaces and the fresh air and it offers a full upper body workout which has proven to be therapeutic, meditative and creative all at the same time.

Regardless of the design a kite must confirm to the laws of aerodynamics and embody three fundamental characteristics.

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