Getting started with your Astrojax

When getting started with your Astrojax the first thing to master is Vertical Orbits.

Astrojax tricks Vertical Orbits Start position

Astrojax Vertical orbits Start Position

To manage a vertical orbit you need to hold both endballs in one hand with the middle ball hanging down.

Let go of one end ball and move the hand holding the other end ball up and down trying to keep a soft movement.

Astrojax tricks Vertical Orbits

Vertical Orbits

The end ball will move in vertical circles.If the middle ball keeps slipping down you need to use a bit more force in your movements.

Keep practising and once you have mastered the movement you can progress on to Horizontal Orbits.

To start this movement you should have one end ball in each hand and start to swing the middle ball round in vertical circles.

Astrojax tricks horizontal orbits start position

Horizontal Orbits Start Position

Turn you hands so that the middle ball is swinging horizontally.  Let go of the bottom ball and move the hand holding the endball in small circles to keep the balls in motion.

Again, keep practising until you have mastered the manoeuvre.

To really impress you can start this trick when already doing vertical orbits by simply starting to do small circles with your hand.

Astrojax tricks horizontal orbits

Horizontal orbits


Again you will need to keep practising and also learn how to switch between vertical and horizontal orbits without the Astrojax stopping.

The next basic movement is The Butterfly and once you have mastered this one you can start to move on and begin to learn some pretty impressive tricks.

To begin the butterfly you need to start with a vertical orbit.

Astrojax tricks Vertical Orbits

Vertical Orbits

You need to get this movement very smooth and then gently move the hand holding the endball to the left and right.

Astrojax tricks butterfly

Astrojax Butterfly

If your butterfly keeps going back into orbit try to make your sideways hand movement stronger.

If your Astrojax keeps flying all over the place make your hand movements more gentle.

Practice these movements and when you are confident with these you are ready to move on to learning the more advanced and spectacular Astrojax tricks.

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